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From its Swiss HQ , Pyxis Yachts has gathered a talented multinational team for a truly special mission covering concept development, manufacturing, distribution and sales. By crafting power boats with high standards of performance and safety thanks to an exclusive hull design.

Our products are highly distinctive, featuring a sporty and modern line, for the benefit of all proud owners. Because the extensive R&D invested into all Pyxis Yachts is paired by a keen eye for elegance and style. The hallmark traits of Alessandro Chessa at Akes Design. Today, a new Maestro of the Italian nautical industry. While below deck, the brand entrusted itself to the genius and esquisite taste of legend Carlo Galeazzi and his highly experienced interior design team. 

Our strictly selected international providers deliver a vast choice of top on-board components, and ensure exceptionally high quality and reliability standards in all our crafts. By covering the full production cycle all vessels are completed under CE certification, and without compromise on manufacturing standards, or on component materials. All Pyxis Yachts owners are of course guaranteed full compliance with product quality, labour regulations and qualification. As well as full environmental respect under ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. Born global, Pyxis Yachts is a new dynamic, and upward moving company. Where continued research and investment in technologies, paired with our team’s constant training, have become the key to delivering the highest quality standards.


“Pyxis Yachts is a company born out of the passion for seafaring of its very own founders. For decades as boat owners we all went out to sea for pure enjoyment. Now we want to breathe some real life into a project that reflects our very own perspective on boating in a modern context. This is a bold long term project aimed at a well defined market segment. We seek to deliver products that blend tradition with innovation, quality, and reliability. In line with the best craftsmanship in the world.”

Guido Molese

Co-Founder Pyxis Yachts SA

“We’ve conceived a boat that is just over nine meters, and featuring exceptional liveability for a vessel of its size. Clearly it was born to be a day or weekend cruiser, and can easily switch from fishing mode to just pleasure boating with family and friends. In many ways it offers owners more potential to live the boat at its fullest.”

Henry Apollonj Ghetti

Partner, Head of Purchasing and Logistics

“The P-30wa is a new multipurpose boat, very comfortable inside and outside, seaworthy, ideal from leisure, mid range cruisings, daily navigations, fishing and fast rides. The shape is aggressive and modern, with hard bow sheer from which starts a deep V variable hull with 4 lifting strakes, and 23° transom deadrise; the sides with big window and professional fender have a unique shape.” Notes designer Alessandro Chessa . “The hull, designed using latest CAD technologies with proven solutions, is longer and wider afloat compared to a common 30 ft hull, giving benefits in longitudinal and transversal stability, resistance to pitch and roll, smoothness, easiness to achieve planing speed and seakeeping”

Alessandro Chessa, Akesdesign

Yacht Designer

“In designing the interiors of the P-30wa we wanted above all to bring the use of space to the forefront. Within our team we always refer to a set of values, which serves us as guide when facing the challenges of a project. This value-set places space at number one, and by hierarchy is followed by function and form. That’s what has also enabled us to optimize the layout, and  as a result we have two wide double beds with a separate and independent restroom. The dècor is defined by a ‘non-color’ base prevailing in the upholsetery, whether leathers or textiles, and by desaturated tonalities for wood.” 

Carlo Galeazzi, Studio Galeazzi Design

Architect & Yacht Designer

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